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Discover Luxury and Glamour with Professional Hair Extensions

Are you dreaming of long, luscious locks that cascade down your shoulders, or perhaps a dramatic change with voluminous hair? Look no further than Avant-Garde Salon and Spa, conveniently located at 155 Miracle Mile in Coral Gables, FL, USA. Our expert hairstylists offer professional hair extension services that will leave you feeling more glamorous and confident than ever before.

What Are Professional Hair Extensions?

Professional hair extensions are a revolutionary way to instantly transform your hair. Whether you desire length, volume, or a splash of color, hair extensions provide endless possibilities. At Avant-Garde, we offer a variety of extension options, including tape-in, clip-in, sew-in, and fusion extensions, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for your style and hair type.

Why Choose Professional Hair Extensions?

Professional hair extensions offer numerous benefits:

  1. Instant Transformation: Achieve your desired look in a matter of hours, whether it’s long, voluminous locks, or a pop of color.
  2. Natural Appearance: Our extensions are carefully selected to match your natural hair color and texture, ensuring a seamless blend.
  3. Low Maintenance: With proper care, extensions can last for months, requiring minimal upkeep.
  4. Versatility: Experiment with different styles and looks, from braids to updos, without limitations.

When Should You Consider Hair Extensions?

Professional hair extensions are perfect for various occasions and situations:

  1. Special Events: Get ready for weddings, parties, or photoshoots with a stunning new hairstyle.
  2. Thinning Hair: Cover up thinning spots or areas where hair loss is a concern.
  3. Change Without Commitment: Experiment with a new look without making permanent changes to your natural hair.

How Do We Work Our Magic?

When you visit Avant-Garde Salon and Spa for professional hair extensions, you’ll experience a personalized journey:

  1. Consultation: We’ll discuss your desired look, hair type, and extension options to create a customized plan.
  2. Color Matching: Our experts will select extensions that perfectly match your natural hair color and texture.
  3. Application: Using the method best suited for you, we’ll expertly apply the extensions, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.
  4. Styling: Your new, luxurious hair will be styled to perfection, leaving you looking and feeling fabulous.

Maintenance and Care

Caring for your professional hair extensions is simple. Our experts will provide you with maintenance tips and products to ensure longevity and preserve the beauty of your extensions.


At Avant-Garde Salon and Spa, we believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident. Our professional hair extension services in Miami are designed to make your hair dreams a reality. Join us at our Coral Gables location and experience the luxury of natural-looking, transformative hair extensions.

Get an amazing new look at Avant Garde Salon and Spa with a professional hair stylist!

In summary, Avant-Garde Salon and Spa is your trusted partner for professional hair extensions in Miami. With a team of skilled experts and a commitment to excellence, we offer a transformative experience that enhances your beauty and confidence. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to achieve the hair of your dreams. Schedule your appointment today by calling us at 305-442-8136 and discover why we are the top choice for beauty and hair transformations in Miami, Florida.

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