How to Get the Perfect Hair Color & Style

How to Get the Perfect Hair Color & Style You Dream With Avant Garde Salon and Spa

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How to Get the Perfect Hair Color & Style You Dream

If you are like most women, you always want to make sure you make the right decisions when it comes to something like changing or coloring your hair.


Here are a few tips and insights when it comes to choosing between traditional highlights, a Balayage, Foilyage, or possibly an Ombre.

In today’s beauty world, there are many ways to highlight, color and uplift your hair.


Tips for Getting the Hair Color and Style You Want:

  • Look through our Hair Color Gallery to find looks you like. Or bring us a picture of something you like.
  • When your appointment is approaching try to not use any hair products to allow your hair to detox. We may indicate certain recommendations to make hair healthier prior to hair appointment.
  • On your initial consultation, we will examine your hair to know what hair color techniques can and cannot be used on your hair without damage.
  • Understand that achieving the design and color you want may take a few sessions. Any salon claiming they can do drastic color changes in one sitting should make you worry as you will likely destroy your hair.
  • To reach truly unique and vibrant looks hair stylists usually need to incorporate a few hair coloring techniques. By painting, foiling, sections in varied colors…etc.

At Avant-Garde Salon and Spa, we know hair! Just ask one of the many Floridians, celebrities, and even snowbirds why they use Avant Garde Hair Salon…

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