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Introducing Anthony “Tony” Wu!

Front Desk Manager at Avant Garde Salon and Spa with experience in the beauty industry since 2010!

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Tony Speaks:

  • English
  • Español

Tony’s leadership and dedication to the team have created a comfortable and welcoming environment in the salon!

It is easy to recognize Tony with his warm and friendly demeanor and attention to detail.

If you visit the Avant-Garde Salon & Spa in Coral Gables, FL, you will likely see Tony overseeing the operations, managing staff, and working closely with customers.

Tony is an enthusiastic and experienced individual who has dedicated his entire career to the salon and spa industry.

His vast experience and knowledge of the industry have allowed him to help the salon grow and create an exceptional experience for its customers.

Tony is sure to brighten your day with his positive vibes!

So, if you are looking for an exceptional salon and spa experience, book an appointment at Avant-Garde Salon & Spa! 

About Tony:

Tony has been with Avant-Garde Salon & Spa since 2017 and quickly worked his way up to become an outstanding front desk manager. His passion and professionalism have played a significant role in the salon’s growth and success! Tony has dedicated his career to providing the best salon experience to his customers.

Tony has been part of the beauty industry since 2010 and has gained a vast amount of knowledge about customer service, and the latest trends in hair, skincare, and spa services.

Tony believes that everyone is beautiful and unique in their way, and he aims to enhance their beauty using his expertise in the salon and spa industry. His passion for the industry and professionalism has allowed him to help Avant-Garde Salon & Spa provide the best salon experience to its customers.

As the Front Desk Manager of Avant-Garde Salon and Spa, Tony is in charge of training staff, managing operations, and ensuring that the salon maintains a high level of quality and customer satisfaction!

If you are seeking an extraordinary salon and spa experience, book an appointment at Avant-Garde Salon & Spa! Enjoy the best in pampering and beauty treatments. Relax in our comfortable atmosphere while your experienced stylists create perfect results for you. Let Tony help you look and feel beautiful. Experience the luxury of Avant-Garde Salon & Spa today!

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