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Introcuding Marika Brunochelli!

Junior Hairstylist at Avant Garde Salon and Spa with over 5 years of experience!

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Spoken Languages:

  • English
  • Italiana

Whether you’re looking for a bold balayage or natural lived-in color, Marika has the skills and creativity to give you the perfect look.

Marika Brunochelli is passionate about creating natural, effortless styles that embrace her clients’ individual beauty whether it’s balayage, highlights, lived-in color, or other natural hair coloring services for both men and women.

Marika is continuously developing her skills, staying on top of the industry’s latest styles and trends. She applies her years of experience and keen eye to create stunning, custom looks for each of her clients.

Marika also has an expert understanding of the Kerastase hair care line, making her a great choice for clients looking for high-end products.

She is passionate about creating beautiful, modern looks that fit your unique style and personality. With Marika’s years of experience and attention to detail, you’ll be sure to get the hairstyle of your dreams.

On top of her professional excellence, Marika has an inviting personality and a heart full of love for her clients!

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Instagram @hairby_marikab

About Marika Brunochelli

Born in Italy and raised in California, Marika’s passion for hair care was sparked while growing up in her parent’s salon. With an international background, Marika speaks both English and Italian, and her talent and skills have made a lasting impression on many of her clients.

On one visit, Marika encountered a woman with scoliosis who was in a lot of pain. Her kind-heartedness provided some relief and the client thanked her by gifting Marika her bracelet.

Marika – “She said I eased her pain in a sense and told me I was her favorite person… after the interaction, she gave me her bracelet, and thanked me for making her feel so special.”

This heartwarming moment is what keeps Marika striving to be the best hair stylist she can be. 

Marika’s talent has earned her the recognition and respect she deserves from her peers, clients, and colleagues alike.

As a licensed barber and a certified Paul Mitchell and Costa Masa California stylist since 2018, Marika is an expert when it comes to hair styling and coloring services for both men and women.

Dave Ruben, an acclaimed artist, has been fortunate enough to be styled by Marika’s masterful hand. Her expertise and artistry make her an incredible asset to Avant Garde Salon and Spa, and the results of her work have left Dave amazed.

Marika is passionate about creating natural, effortless styles that embrace the individual beauty of her clients, whether it’s balayage, highlights, lived-in color, or natural coloring services. As a formidable expert on the Kerastase hair care line, she provides her clients with top-of-the-line products that won’t disappoint!

Marika Brunochelli is sure to enchant you with her captivating smile and kind spirit! Her bilingual abilities in both English and Italian have made a lasting impression on many of her clients. When you come to Avant Garde Salon & Spa, her friendly personality and love for hair styling will make you feel special and have a great time.

If you are looking for an outstanding hair stylist and an experience that will make you feel pampered, book your appointment with Marika Brunochelli at Avant Garde Salon & Spa today!

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